Tavelsjö AIK ice rink is a great success

The ice track is at the moment closed due to thin ice and very much snow.

Tavelsjö AIK ice track is 14 km this year and offers top-notch skating between January to March

We hope that you are interested in supporting us so that we are able to maintain the ice track? Support us in this case by paying a voluntary fee acc. below

  • Day ticket per person: 60 SEK
  • Season ticket per person: 250 SEK
  • Season ticket for a family: 350 SEK

The easiest way is to use Swish tfn.nr 123 553 44 33, marking the payment with "ice track" + your name. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to No: 5375-3265 (Bank giro) and provide the same information as when using Swish.

A big thank you in advance!

Contact us: info@tavelsjoisbana.se

Aktuella event

Status icetrack

Track temporary closed (13 Jan 21:19)

Track layout

The ice track has a form of an eight over almost the entire lake. Starting at the northern part of the track, you pass Sundlingska, Tavelsjö Wärdshus, ICA Matboa, Tavelsjö society, Svedjan, Långviken and Signhilds Bäck. The southern half extends past Långviken, Sofia cottage, Sunnansjö, back up along Signhilds Bäck and Långviken.

The distance is about 14 km in total and the track can be seen in the picture adjacent to this text.

Take the opportunity to visit Root at Sundlingska, Tavelsjö Wärdshus, or ICA Matboa for meal or a snack (Just make sure they are open). Or why not pack your own lunch and visit one of the barbecue places at Sundlingska or Sofia cottage or organize your own seat along the track.

Find us!

Tavelsjö is 2.5 mil northwest of Umeå and by following the road 363 out of town you will find Sundlingska on the right just before Tavelsjö. Sundlingska offers good parking facilities.

There are several places where you can get down on the ice track. Along Tavelsjö village lies the track near the shore and there are good parking facilities available at Sundlingska, Church and up at Klacken with a few minutes walk down the the track. ICA Matboa has also made a parking lot for the ice track visitors, please use only this special parking lot since the ordinary is only for customers at ICA matboa.


Free shuttle bus to the rink!

Depending on the Covid situation will will see if there will be any busses this year.

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