A new skating race!

Right now we are waiting for the ice to be good enough to organize a race. We plan to have this year's race in the middle of February. We will release information at least two weeks before start if the ice will allow a competition.

Last year on February 15 2020, Tavelsjö AIK arranged a skating race on the Tavelsjö ice track. 13 km long and 12 m wide, the ice track offers first-class rides for everyone.

Questions? Contact us: tavling@tavelsjoisbana.se

Read more about Tavelsjö ice track here


  • Men 13 km (With poles)
  • Women 13 km (With poles)
  • Men 26 km (No poles)
  • Women 26 km (No poles)
  • Men 52 km (No poles)
  • Women 52 km (No poles)
  • Men 104 km (No poles)
  • Women 104 km (No poles)

Bus to the competition

Not determined if there will be a bus to the competition yet.


The registration is now open!

During the race, it is important to stick to the right so that skaters can pass each other on the left side.

In the middle of the track and at the goal/start there is a fluid station where you can relax for a while and we offer something hot to drink to you skaters.

All kind of skates are allowed and there is categories both with and without pikes/poles.

If you are very used to skate with pike/poles then do this. Otherwise, you can skate without a pike but then you must have trained without the pike. Going without pikes/poles is faster for those that are used to it, but it puts higher demands on skating technique. You have not the same support when you get tired. A frequent use of rods tends to give the ice skater a more poor skating technique. Usually the skaters using a pike/pole get an incorrectly cut towards the ice. This means that you will skate more inefficient. At the end of the race when one is tired, however, most people benefits of poles / pikes. If you use pikes/poles you must hold the tips low to avoid damage to other racers. When there are a lot of racers skating very close to each other it is not allowed to use the pikes/poles in respect of your competitors. If you are worried about the poles/pikes then you can also equip yourself with protection goggles, google could also be good to wear if it is cold during the competition.

If there are very few participants in a class, participants will be contacted to be offered another class. If the competition has to be canceled (which is very unlikely, then the proceeds will go to charity and competition arrangements)

Registration fee is 400 SEK (adults), 150 SEK (children/youth), paid directly when registration is made, either by internet or by credit card.


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